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‎Mover in Haarlem since 1927‎

‎Feitsma Moving company Haarlem‎‎ – If you say Feitsma, you say Haarlem . Since the foundation of our moving company in 1927, we have done many removals within Haarlem. From the Jacobijnenstraat via the Gierstraat to the Turfmarkt.  Then from the Turfmarkt to the Alexanderstraat and from the Alexanderstraat to the Jan van Geunsweg. At the moment we have an office at the Zijlweg and our warehouse in the industrial area the Waarderpolder. So you can say that we are a real Haarlem moving company.‎


‎The best movers are ready for your move in Haarlem‎

‎Moving  really is a profession. And at Feitsma,  the art of moving has been passed on since 1927 from generation to generation . Fortunately, some things have changed over the years. We started by moving  large wooden crates, which were already heavy without content. Nowadays, the profession with modern moving lifts and other useful tools, the job has become a bit easier. But we still understand the moving profession like no other.‎

  • ‎Request a quote now quickly and without obligation‎
  • ‎Get free expert advice‎
  • ‎guaranteed excellent service‎

‎Moving in Haarlem with moving insurance‎

‎Your move in Haarlem and surroundings is in good hands with Feitsma Verhuizingen moving team. But even these good hands sometimes drop something. Moving is human work and even our best movers sometimes make a mistake. Then it is good to know that you are well insured.‎

‎During the move, your household effects are insured up to € 100,000 per truck load. This amount is mostly sufficient for the entire move, but if the value of the household effects exceeds this amount, it is always possible to increase .‎

‎Storing your household effects‎

‎Is your new house not yet ready, but do you already need to leave the old one, are you going to renovate but your household effects are in the way or do you want to make room to sell your house better? Then our‎‎ storage facility‎‎ can offer a solution. We are happy to store your household effects temporarily for you in our warehouse in the Waarderpolder in Haarlem.‎

  • ‎Your household effects safely stored‎
  • ‎Can be returned at a time of your choice‎
  • ‎Also for company relocations‎

‎Senior citizens removal in Haarlem‎

‎Moving is a stressful event. When you are a bit older, this can even be more drastic for many people. After almost 100 years of moving, we now know how to put people at ease. That starts with a quiet moving advisor who draws up a clear quotation for you.‎

‎You can also make use of additional services, such as removing excess furniture, disconnecting and connecting appliances, cleaning the house etc. . Of course we know the way well in Haarlem. We have already moved into all nursing homes in Haarlem and we know the care staff by name almost everywhere. So also for your ‎‎senior relocation‎‎ you are at the right place at removals company Feitsma Haarlem.‎

‎Do I have to buy moving boxes myself? ‎

‎No, you can borrow moving boxes easily and quickly from us. Our sturdy moving boxes are delivered to you well in advance so that you can start packing your personal belongings on time and only picked up again when everything has been unpacked again. We also supply enough wrapping paper for fragile items and stickers for labeling your boxes, completely free of charge. Take a look at our ‎‎packing tips‎‎, if you are going to start packing the moving boxes. Would you rather not be in a house full of boxes? We can pack your belongings for you! Due to the experience of our movers, this is usually done within a day, the day before the moving day. We are happy to offer you to use our moving service. Request your quote directly online now.‎

  • ‎High quality moving boxes‎
  • ‎No extra costs‎
  • ‎Will also be picked up again after use‎

‎Schedule an appointment with our advisor for your move in Haarlem‎

‎Because no removal in Haarlem is the same, our moving advisor will be happy to visit you. He makes an estimate of the number of cubic meters of the contents to be moved and discusses with you what work may be carried out. The visit takes about half an hour and is of course free of charge and without any  obligation. You will receive a detailed ‎‎quote‎‎ within 1 working day with the costs of your move.‎

‎Moving company in Haarlem with moving lift ‎

‎Rent a moving lift? As a professional‎‎ moving company in Haarlem‎‎, of course we have several moving lifts. This makes it possible to move your belongings in an easy way through the window or over the balcony fence to a higher floor . Our largest moving lift is on a vehicle and  reaches to the 8th floor and can hoist 400 kg. This allows us to transport a concert grand piano to your top floor apartment without any problems. We also have smaller lifts that you can build in difficult places, for example in a garden or narrow alley. So we can assure you that we can easily and quickly get all your things upstairs in your new home.‎

‎Dis- and reassembly of furniture‎

‎As a mover in Haarlem  you come across all types of furniture on a daily basis; in addition to the daily ‎‎Ikea Pax cabinets‎‎, Malm beds and Micke desks, your design furniture from ‎‎Terstal‎‎ and Van Til are also in good hands with us. We are happy to include the assembly work for you in our quotation; often this is cheaper than you think. Are you looking for a moving company in Haarlem that expertly disassembles and assembles your furniture? We are happy to help you.‎

‎Moving antiques and art ‎

‎After almost 100 years ‎‎of moving in Haarlem‎‎, we are already quite antique ourselves. In this period we have of course come across all kinds of furniture. What was new furniture in our early years is now antique. And we know better than anyone how to move this furniture. Disassembly and re-assembly, carefully packaging and moving of all antique furniture are part of the fun challenges of our profession. You can also entrust your art collection to us with peace of mind. The most expensive painting we ever moved had a value of 4.8 million euros. To be honest, both the movers and the management experienced a healthy tension this day. But the job is done to full satisfaction and the painting is now hanging on the wall of the proud new owner.

‎Piano or grand piano move Haarlem ‎

‎Do you have to move a ‎‎piano or a grand piano  in Haarlem‎‎?  Then you have come to the right place at Feitsma Verhuizingen. We have moved many concert grand pianos, pianos and Johannes organs in all the years. If your instrument needs to moved to a floor, you have come to the right place. Our moving lifts can carry up to 400 kg, so we bring almost all grand pianos up without any problems. In addition, we have good contacts with crane companies, so if your piano or grand piano needs to be histed over the house, we can also take care of this for you.‎

‎Company relocation Haarlem ‎

‎Are you looking for a ‎‎professional removals company in Haarlem‎‎ for ‎‎moving your business inventory‎‎? Then you’ve come to the right place at Feitsma. We have been moving companies in Haarlem since 1927. In this period we have already moved a lot of offices and warehouses. Packing archives, disassembling and assembling office furniture, moving computer equipment or setting up your new warehouse. We are happy to take these worries off your hands. On our ‎‎company page‎‎ you will find more information about our business relocations in Haarlem.‎

‎Relocation to the municipality of Haarlem‎

‎If you move to or within the municipality of Haarlem, you must inform us of your change of address in good time. You can report your move from 4 weeks before the moving date. Make sure that this is done at least within 5 days after the move. You can easily report the change online via DigiD on the website of the municipality of Haarlem. This can also be done on location in the public hall of the town hall. On the ‎‎website of the municipality‎‎ you will find all information, including the necessary documents and the opening hours of the town hall.‎

‎Are you moving from Haarlem to another municipality? Then register yourself with the new municipality. They will then deregister you in Haarlem.‎

  • ‎Are you moving within your municipality? Please indicate this to the municipality in which you live. ‎

  • ‎Are you moving to another municipality? Report it to the municipality you are moving to and they will arrange the deregistration with your old municipality.‎

Removals Company moving permit Haarlem‎

‎If you want to place a moving van or a moving lift in Haarlem, you usually need a permit for this. You can apply for the permit in writing at least 8 weeks before the start of the move. You pay the application for the permit and precario tax. Precario costs are € 2,- per m2 taken. If your moving van is 10 x 2.5 meters, you pay € 50,- in precario costs. The costs for installing a moving lift are € 196,-.‎

‎If your street needs to be closed, it is necessary to submit a diversion plan to the municipality. Sometimes it is also necessary to deploy traffic controllers. You can apply for the permit via this ‎‎link‎‎. Of course Feitsma Verhuizingen is happy to help you with the application .

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‎ International relocation

Also for your international move you van contact the Feitsma movers ‎If you move from Haarlem(or any other city in the Netherlands) to another country or the other way around, we are glad to be your moving partner. We have competitive rates for moving your household goods abroad to any destination.

‎Exemption moving van municipality of Haarlem‎

‎If you want to place a moving van or a moving lift in Haarlem, you usually need an exemption for this. You apply for the exemption in writing at least 8 weeks before the start of the move. You pay the application for the exemption and precario tax. Precario costs are € 2,- per m2 taken. If your moving van is 10 x 2.5 meters, you pay € 50,- in precario costs. The costs for installing a moving lift are € 186,-.‎

‎If your street needs to be closed, it is necessary to submit a diversion plan to the municipality. Sometimes it is also necessary to deploy traffic controllers. You can apply for the exemption via this ‎‎link‎‎. Of course Feitsma Verhuizingen is happy to help you with the application for the exemption.‎

‎Free quote for our moving service in Haarlem‎

‎You can ‎‎request a free quote from‎‎ us online or by telephone. Call 023-5322623 or use the button at the top right of this page.‎

‎You can also request a quote via Whatsapp. At the bottom right of this page is a green icon. If you click on this, you will have an immediate connection. The fastest way to obtain a quote is to send photos or videos of the contents to be moved via Whatsapp. Also like the old and new address. And, what kind of home you live in now and where you are moving to. Then you will generally receive a quote from us within a few hours.‎

‎Moving company Feitsma Haarlem, your ‎‎moving service in Haarlem‎

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Frequently Asked Questions

‎When you move with Feitsma removals, a professional will always visit you who estimates the contents of the contents for you. This is the average household effects per family composition:‎

  • ‎average household effects family with 2 children: 40 /45 m3‎
  • ‎average household effects couple without children: 25/ 30 m3‎
  • ‎average household effects single: 15/ 20 m3‎

‎The cost of a move depends on a number of factors:‎

  • ‎The degree of difficulty of the contents to be moved. Moving a concert grand piano will incur additional costs.‎
  • ‎The type of property (a move to a bungalow is cheaper than to a house at the end of the gallery at 10 high)‎
  • ‎The volume (number of m3) of the contents‎
  • ‎The distance between the old and the new home‎
  • ‎The rate for a move of 40 m3 (average household effects of family with 2 children) from a single-family home to a single-family home in the same neighborhood, is around € 2200.00 incl VAT.‎
  • ‎The rate for a move of 20 m3 (avg. household effects single) from an apartment to an apartment in the same neighborhood is around € 1100.00 incl VAT‎

‎A box of encyclopedias can easily weigh 60 kg. For the good, this is a bit too heavy for your movers. The current occupational health and safety standard is a maximum of 23 kg. So don’t make your boxes too heavy. For example, fill half a box with books and the other half with lighter items.‎

‎When packing your tableware, please take the following guidelines into account:‎

  • ‎place something soft on the bottom of the box, such as tea towels or kitchen towels.‎
  • ‎wrap plates in wrapping paper and place them on the side in the box‎
  • ‎very fragile plates must be wrapped in paper per piece, miner fragile plates can be wrapped in paper per 4 or 6 pieces‎
  • ‎place glasses upright in the box‎
  • ‎above the layer with plates and / or glasses again something soft and on top some lighter less fragile items, such as cups‎
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Helena P
Helena P
11:11 23 Feb 23
We used their services few times and never got disappointed. Very responsive and nice people, always on time and with a... great attitude to help. Moving is never easy but with these folks it was great. THANK YOU Maarten, Esther and the whole Feitsma Verhuizingen team for all your genuine help.lees verder
Emile Parkin
Emile Parkin
07:56 07 Feb 23
We had a great experience with the Feitsma team during our recent move in Haarlem. From the planning and preparation... stages, all the way to carrying the last items into our new house - they were very professional and friendly. These guys are not afraid of lifting heavy items or working hard! They really gave us confidence that all our belongings will be safely relocated, and it was!Thank you Feitsma team! We could not have done this without you.lees verder
Christoph Irving
Christoph Irving
09:49 14 Dec 22
Looking for a fantastic moving company? Your search ends here.Feitsma provides excellent service and great value for... money. Their team is fast to respond to your initial inquiry, follow-up messages (over whatsapp), and the movers are super skillfull and friendly at all times.This company will truly help you move, so that you can relax and enjoy the process.Thank you and good luck, Feitsma's!lees verder
Dimitrios Sardellis
Dimitrios Sardellis
19:41 10 Oct 22
Excellent experience. Team Alex brought in great spirit and energy, smooth moving experience, and an overall... professional service. Thanks for your help and see you again in the futurelees verder
Stephan Oorbeek
Stephan Oorbeek
06:16 22 Aug 22
Alex and Cherence have done a three man job with just the two of them. Professional, fast, friendly and creative with... solutions. We also went the extra mile for large objects that could not be lifted.lees verder
Ineke van Duinen
Ineke van Duinen
11:58 08 Aug 22
The movers were great!They took all my worries away and provided an excellent move.The administration could do... better: a bit laconic and easy, too little information to the customer. The estimate in advance should be viewed better for the movers who ultimately have to do it.lees verder
Nederlandse Vereniging van Golfaccommodaties
Nederlandse Vereniging van Golfaccommodaties
06:40 08 Jul 22
At the last minute, we decided with our association to call in a moving company for the move. Called on Monday and... moved on Thursday! No problem with Feitsma! We came across a lot more stuff, which also had to be taken with us, than agreed in advance, but this was no problem at all! Everything was loaded and unloaded very quickly, everything was over within two hours! Really great Julius and colleague, thank you again very much!lees verder
Maarten Haremaker
Maarten Haremaker
18:43 28 Jun 22
Today we moved to our new place in one day. Team Alex moved us very professionally, quickly and above all pleasantly!... What I like about Feitsma is that they fulfill all agreements from the first contact! I don't often do reviews but I had to post this one; highly recommendedlees verder
Peer-Boy Matthiesen
Peer-Boy Matthiesen
19:47 02 Jun 22
We just moved from Haarlem to Stuttgart with the support of Feitsma and we can highly recommend it. Great team spirit,... very positive mindset, fast and very careful with all our belongings. They always found a solution in particularly abroad. Special thanks to Maya and Julian, you guys rock!lees verder
norbert smit
norbert smit
19:25 13 May 22
What a great team of movers you have. Both the out-of-house and in-house went so smoothly, just great. Everything was... possible, no grumbling.Installing the removal lift and using it on Zandvoortselaan (6 high) certainly went well, especially with the strong westerly wind.This company with these movers is definitely recommended.lees verder
Tomas H
Tomas H
21:40 12 Jan 22
The moving day became from a chore to a pleasure. They were responsive and quick in organizing the moving in Haarlem... with short notice. They also borrowed us boxes, which is great since its hard to find them in covid times. Shout out to Alex and Storm for the care, the speed, organizational skills and very optimistic and friendly approach. They both spoke perfect English and really boosted the mood of a day.lees verder
Marcello Honnebier
Marcello Honnebier
14:07 10 Oct 18
Great company
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