Packing tips for your move

There are a number of things to keep in mind when packing moving boxes.

We have prepared a number of tips for you for this.

Packing crockery, glassware and breakables.

Use plenty of wrapping paper or newspaper. You will receive a special packing pier from us in advance for packing your fragile items.

It is important to place heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. Always place plates wrapped in paper on the side at the bottom of the box. Try to make a “full row” so that the plates cannot slide into the box. For less vulnerable plates, you can pack a number of plates at the same time in 1 sheet of paper. For expensive dinnerware, use 1 sheet of paper per plate. You can also put a kitchen towel at the bottom of the box and place the plates on top. You can fill the bottom with other heavier items, such as vases, pans, etc. When the bottom layer is filled, you can place a kitchen towel or some wrapping paper on top of it. The top half of the box can be filled with lighter crockery, such as cups. Make sure there are no fragile glasses directly under the lid of the box. These can be crushed if something is placed on the box in the moving van.

When packing glasses, the following applies: wrap glasses well in wrapping paper and ensure that they are placed upright in the box. Lying glasses are more likely to break. Use extra wrapping paper or tea towels or other soft items to pack fragile crockery.Packing books

Books are heavy. A full moving box with encyclopedias weighs just 70 kg. This is not really appreciated by most movers. Only fill the book boxes halfway for this reason and fill the box with lighter items. The occupational health and safety standard is 23 kg. This is the weight that movers are allowed to lift several times a day. So try not to fill too many boxes with this weight.

Packing clothes and shoes

At Feitsma Removals we have special wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes. In this way, the clothing can be transported hanging and wrinkle-free. Clothes that are in the closet may be packed in moving boxes. Of course you can also pack the clothes in suitcases or pockets. Loose shoes can also be packed in a moving box. Wrapping paper can still be used for vulnerable shoes. Shoes in larger shoeboxes can be moved in the shoebox. Tape the box closed for a while so that the lid does not fall off on the way. Smaller shoe boxes may be packed in a moving box. Packing electronics and computer equipment.

Electronic equipment can be packed in a moving box. Do not make the box too heavy and do not allow the equipment to slide in the box. You can use pillows or other soft items for this.

Packing art and paintings

Make sure that art and paintings can be transported well protected. Smaller paintings and art objects can be packed well in wrapping paper or bubble wrap in a moving box. Fill the box with pillows or other soft items.
With slightly larger art or paintings, the removal box can remain open at the top. Make sure nothing can slide in the box. You can slide another moving box upside down over the wrapped box for protection. Wrap even larger art or paintings in bubble wrap or canvases.

Packing plants

Smaller plants can be packed in an open moving box. Stop watering the plants a few days before moving, so that it cannot leak into the box. Greener plants can be transported in the pot. Place a stick in the pot and attach the plant to it so that it cannot crack during transport. Very large plants can be shrink-wrapped. Do not move indoor plants in freezing temperatures. Most plants do not survive this.

Packing lamps

Remove the lampshade and pack it into a moving box, if it fits. Larger lampshades can be transported separately and packed in bubble wrap. Also remove other loose parts, sometimes pins with which the brightness is set can also be unscrewed. Wrap it up or tape it to the lamp. Remove and pack the bulb. Remove and pack loose parts for hanging lamps. Lamp in box or bubble wrap. Remove the scale from ceiling lamps and wrap in bubble wrap in an open box. Remove the loose parts from chandeliers and wrap them in wrapping paper. Wrap the crown itself in bubble wrap.

General packing tips

Don’t make the box too heavy
Divide the weight in the box.
Put a label on the box and state the location in the new home.
Do not put bottles or packaging that can leak in a box, but use a plastic crate for this
Try to fill the moving box as much as possible, so that they do not collapse easily.

Have it packed by Feitsma Removals

If you let us pack your moving boxes, you can continue to live as if you were not moving until the last day. This saves a lot of work and a lot of stress. Packing an average household goods costs about € 350 with us. If you have less stuff, it will be cheaper and if you have more stuff, it will be a bit more expensive.

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Helena P
Helena P
11:11 23 Feb 23
We used their services few times and never got disappointed. Very responsive and nice people, always on time and with a... great attitude to help. Moving is never easy but with these folks it was great. THANK YOU Maarten, Esther and the whole Feitsma Verhuizingen team for all your genuine help.lees verder
Emile Parkin
Emile Parkin
07:56 07 Feb 23
We had a great experience with the Feitsma team during our recent move in Haarlem. From the planning and preparation... stages, all the way to carrying the last items into our new house - they were very professional and friendly. These guys are not afraid of lifting heavy items or working hard! They really gave us confidence that all our belongings will be safely relocated, and it was!Thank you Feitsma team! We could not have done this without you.lees verder
Christoph Irving
Christoph Irving
09:49 14 Dec 22
Looking for a fantastic moving company? Your search ends here.Feitsma provides excellent service and great value for... money. Their team is fast to respond to your initial inquiry, follow-up messages (over whatsapp), and the movers are super skillfull and friendly at all times.This company will truly help you move, so that you can relax and enjoy the process.Thank you and good luck, Feitsma's!lees verder
Dimitrios Sardellis
Dimitrios Sardellis
19:41 10 Oct 22
Excellent experience. Team Alex brought in great spirit and energy, smooth moving experience, and an overall... professional service. Thanks for your help and see you again in the futurelees verder
Stephan Oorbeek
Stephan Oorbeek
06:16 22 Aug 22
Alex and Cherence have done a three man job with just the two of them. Professional, fast, friendly and creative with... solutions. We also went the extra mile for large objects that could not be lifted.lees verder
Ineke van Duinen
Ineke van Duinen
11:58 08 Aug 22
The movers were great!They took all my worries away and provided an excellent move.The administration could do... better: a bit laconic and easy, too little information to the customer. The estimate in advance should be viewed better for the movers who ultimately have to do it.lees verder
Nederlandse Vereniging van Golfaccommodaties
Nederlandse Vereniging van Golfaccommodaties
06:40 08 Jul 22
At the last minute, we decided with our association to call in a moving company for the move. Called on Monday and... moved on Thursday! No problem with Feitsma! We came across a lot more stuff, which also had to be taken with us, than agreed in advance, but this was no problem at all! Everything was loaded and unloaded very quickly, everything was over within two hours! Really great Julius and colleague, thank you again very much!lees verder
Maarten Haremaker
Maarten Haremaker
18:43 28 Jun 22
Today we moved to our new place in one day. Team Alex moved us very professionally, quickly and above all pleasantly!... What I like about Feitsma is that they fulfill all agreements from the first contact! I don't often do reviews but I had to post this one; highly recommendedlees verder
Peer-Boy Matthiesen
Peer-Boy Matthiesen
19:47 02 Jun 22
We just moved from Haarlem to Stuttgart with the support of Feitsma and we can highly recommend it. Great team spirit,... very positive mindset, fast and very careful with all our belongings. They always found a solution in particularly abroad. Special thanks to Maya and Julian, you guys rock!lees verder
norbert smit
norbert smit
19:25 13 May 22
What a great team of movers you have. Both the out-of-house and in-house went so smoothly, just great. Everything was... possible, no grumbling.Installing the removal lift and using it on Zandvoortselaan (6 high) certainly went well, especially with the strong westerly wind.This company with these movers is definitely recommended.lees verder
Tomas H
Tomas H
21:40 12 Jan 22
The moving day became from a chore to a pleasure. They were responsive and quick in organizing the moving in Haarlem... with short notice. They also borrowed us boxes, which is great since its hard to find them in covid times. Shout out to Alex and Storm for the care, the speed, organizational skills and very optimistic and friendly approach. They both spoke perfect English and really boosted the mood of a day.lees verder
Marcello Honnebier
Marcello Honnebier
14:07 10 Oct 18
Great company
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