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‎How can you best prepare for the moving day itself?‎

‎The day you live to for months, the moving day. Everything is generally arranged, but there are still a few small preparations that you need to make to make ‎‎moving‎‎ less stressful. ‎

‎Few days before the move‎

‎It doesn’t take long and then you’re in your new home. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, there are some chores that you can already do in the days before the move. The day itself will be a long day, so make sure you arrange enough food and drinks. It is also wise to empty parts of the house a bit, for example the refrigerator. This saves a lot of time on the day itself. ‎

‎All the big stuff is already packed for the moving day. So there is room to clean and tidy up. Clean the places where you can reach, this saves work on the day itself. This does not mean that you no longer have to clean, so keep the cleaning supplies for a while. There are also important parties that help with the move, such as the moving companies, friends and family. Ask them if everything is clear and make sure there is a clear schedule for the work and the times.‎

‎From verhuisdag‎

‎Get to bed early! This makes you more rested and that is certainly good to be on this day. Pack the last items and keep your hand luggage separate. Otherwise, it may happen that this luggage disappears in the moving van. When all boxes and things are loaded, take a good look in all the empty spaces to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. When the stuff is fully loaded, it’s time to clean the last corners. ‎

‎The new house‎

‎Eventually you will arrive at the new house with all your belongings. Take a look at the items to see if no damage has occurred. Let the ‎‎movers‎‎ do their job and help them where necessary. It’s a grueling day, but it’s all worth it in the end.‎

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